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As I child, I generally had a great Hallowe'en, with hours spent greedily gathering enough candy to rot the teeth of a small army. In one year that will live in infamy, when I was living downtown, I changed costumes twice (that is, had three costumes prepared, and moved fast enough to return home, change, and run back out again before people began running out of candy) -- and went back to all the best houses a second or third time. To this day, I'm not sure whether I actually fooled anyone (after all, these were home-made costumes, made by me) or whether the grownups were just amused enough at my perseverence to feed me again.

In any event, I no longer go trick-or-treating myself. But I always get chocolate for the kids instead of the crappy disappointing pure-sugar stuff. Pay-forward for all the good junk I harvested many years ago. And if we don't manage to give it all out to kids... well, I suppose that having to dispose of the leftovers personally will be my karmic reward.

Chocolate notwithstanding, a large part of my pleasure was in how the families who participated decorated their homes. I don't do costumery or major set dressings, but I do take a certain pleasure conceptualizing and crafting pumpkins that will entertain the kids. I'm also not a sculptor -- as will shortly be evident -- but with help from Shoshanna, we usually manage to produce something credible. It's helpful, as we aging folk eventually come to notice, that darkness and faint light hide a multitude of blemishes and other imperfections.

In this blog entry, a link to pumpkins past from recent years. Enjoy!


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